Translational Med.
New therapeutic advances achieved through regenerative biological medicine and tissue bioengineering have provided a natural, efficient and effective tool available to all patients.
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Stem Cells
This is a set of cells present in the organism with total or partial capacity of differentiation to other specific types of cellular tissues and with the capacity of self-renewing during long periods of time.
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What is SVF?
It is the set of cells present in the whole organism with the capacity to regenerate different tissues damaged, both by traumatism and by the own cellular aging
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Enzymatic Kit Control, maximum biosafety for the ADSC System® process,
developed and patented by Lyposmol, to guarantee the absence of enzymatic
activity in each SVF implant “in situ”
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Action fields



Empowers regenerative processes

Within the Translational Medicine field, Lyposmol has developed the ADSC
SYSTEM process system complying with all legal requirements.

Cosmetic medicine and surgery

Medicina estetica

The new generation of medicine

New therapeutic advances achieved through regenerative biological medicine
and bioengineering

Plastic surgery

cirugia plastica lyposmol

New Technologies in Cell Therapy

The scientific advance on translational medicine produces more than 1,500
studies per year published in the most relevant scientific journals.


maxilofacial celulas madre

Tissue engineering is the future

ADSC and its osteogenic line


odontologia lyposmol

Within the field of Translational Medicine

Thanks to the transdifferentiation mechanism, all adult mesenchymal cells
can be transformed into the in vivo niche, in any cell type within their own

Discover the Advantages and Benefits of Regenerative Medicine using Lyposmol Adsc System®

The new therapeutic advances achieved through regenerative biological
medicine and tissue bioengineering have given way to the birth of a new,
more natural, efficient and effective medicine that enhances mechanisms of
regeneration to the detriment of those of repair.
Enzymatic reagent developed by Lyposmol with the highest quality, effectiveness and optimization in obtaining SVF.
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EKC® system included in the kit for checking the absence of enzymatic activity prior to each SVF implant.
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CE marking for the group of medical devices and Enzymatic reagent (clean room N5 packaged).
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Cost effective product and operating room with minor Ambulatory surgery.
Immediate therapy in the same surgical act.
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Lyposmol Clients Clinical Experiences

Patients treated with Lyposmol ADSC System undergo major changes short, medium and long term thanks to the properties and functions:
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    Antes Rodilla Después
  • Before-Células 2
    After-Células 2
    Antes Células 2 Después

Cellular Regeneration and Differentiation

Inhibit the proliferation of LT, NK and dendritic cells

Secretion of cytokines regulation

They regulate the maturation of B cells and their secretions

PARACRIN Secretion of HGF, TGF Beta 1

Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase and PGE2 secretion

They decrease the production of IL 17 of CD4 +

Mechanisms mediated by INOS

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