ADSC Enzyme®



  • Releasing cellular groups from connective tissue
  • Separation of cell groups from SVF
  • Optimum enzyme digestion
  • Maximum enzyme digestion
  • Reactive enzymatic neutralization


  • High enzymatic purity
  • Manufactured under GMP standards
  • Complying with European Pharmacopoeia
  • Packaging in clean room N5
  • Presented in lyophilized format (maximum guarantee and effectiveness)

ADSC Enzyme®

Enzyme reagent
Within the development of the Lyposmol ADSC System® product, we have paid special attention to the key process in enzymatic digestion, investigating and developing the product Lyposmol ADSC Enzyme®.

Lyposmol ADSC Enzyme® is an enzymatic reagent with the highest specificity on the connective tissue to promote optimum isolation with the highest possible cellular viability and the highest standards of quality, effectiveness and safety in the process.

The enzymatic digestion process is key in order to achieve greater viability in the isolation of the cell groups contained in the SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) being one of the most important steps, both in Translational Therapy and in Advanced Cell Therapy.

The mechanical systems cannot guarantee neither the sufficient viability nor the correct cellular isolation of the process.

The development of this product has been possible thanks to the research and studies developed by Lyposmol

Lyposmol ADSC Enzyme® has been designed to be able to perform optimum enzymatic digestion in the Lyposmol ADSC System® process by designing the appropriate enzyme units with the highest purity and manufactured under GMP standards complying European pharmacopoeia.

The development of this product has been possible thanks to the research and studies developed by Lyposmol to offer the best result. Lyposmol ADSC Enzyme® is presented in lyophilized monodose format to preserve its maximum enzymatic activity, offering a standardization in the Lyposmol ADSC System® process.

It is vital to use an enzymatic reagent that meets the current requirements and quality standards set by the competent bodies.

Lyposmol ADSC Enzyme® has a very high enzymatic purity, is manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, packaged in a level 5 clean room and is totally sterile. In addition to all this, it complies with the European pharmacopoeia developed by EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare), a body with competence in this area and part of the European Council.