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Regenerative medicine

Regeneration, Repair and Renovation
The new therapeutic advances achieved through regenerative biological medicine and tissue bioengineering have given way to the birth of a new, more natural, efficient and effective medicine, which enhances the mechanisms of regeneration to the detriment of those of repair. In this sense, new knowledge on the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), Growth Factors (GF), certain cytokines, protein fractions and SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) of different tissues opens the door to translational medicine.

Within the possibilities and generic names of regenerative medicine, many subspecialties are included, some with greater clinical application than others, simply by normative aspects.

Nowadays the therapy that is most practiced within the regenerative medicine is the translational medicine. An example of this therapy would be the collection and use of GF. Also included is the acquisition of SVF of adipose tissue and implantation in the treatment area, without the accomplishment of a substantial manipulation, autologous and in the same surgical act, following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and SOP protocols (Standard Operating Procedures).

The future of regenerative medicine is promising and has made great strides in many fields of medicine, including tissue engineering or advanced cellular therapy, but we cannot ignore that the present is the translational medicine that already represents a great advance and practically covers all the expectations faced by doctors of many specialties since by the trans-differentiation mechanism, all adult mesenchymal stem cells can be transformed into the niche in vivo, in any cellular type within their own lineage. The scientific breakthrough on translational medicine offers thousands of scientific / clinical studies a year published in major scientific journals.