Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF)?

The SVF of adipose tissue is a source rich in MSC (adult mesenchymal stem cells); there they have been detected different cell groups of great interest for regenerative medicine, because of their immunomodulatory, proangiogenic, anti-inflammatory and trophic properties.

What is in the SVF obtained through the ADSC SYSTEM®?

Through characterization studies commissioned from scientific research centers, we can ensure that the following cellular phenotypes are obtained in the SVF obtained by the ADSC SYSTEM®contaje-celular-faqs-600x862

Where and how is the biological sample obtained?

The adipose tissue is obtained through a small liposuction, usually from the abdominal area due to its ease of access although it can also be extracted from the flanks, the inner thigh, etc. It is usually performed under local anesthesia. However and ultimately, it will always be the medical team in charge of deciding where and how to obtain the tissue needed to isolate the SVF.

ADSC SYSTEM® - What is it?

It is a fully documented technical process for obtaining the cellular mix called SVF from an autologous sample of adipose tissue.

What does it consist of?

It consists of a grouping of all the sanitary and technical products necessary to carry out the correct process of obtaining the SVF of the adipose tissue.

How long is the process?

The technical process for the isolation of the SVF using the Lyposmol ADSC SYSTEM® kit lasts about 60 minutes. With this time it is possible that the cellular viability is maximum and that the economic saving is also high due to the short time that the operating room is used.

Is the process safe?

The process is the safest that exists in the market due to the use of a specific enzyme and thanks to the use of a control system called Enzymatic Kit Control (EKC), which has been patented. The EKC controls and confirms to the medical professional the complete absence of enzyme activity remaining after the process and prior to the infiltration of the SVF into the patient.

What complications or side effects can occur?

There are no side effects since it is an autologous product, which is treated in a sterile and closed circuit.
The patient can be incorporated into his daily life and activity immediately.

Is the ADSC SYSTEM® a legal product?

The product developed by Lyposmol complies with all current regulations and it is totally legal to work with it for immediate therapy, framed within so-called translational medicines, and which are regulated by RD 09/2014 in Spain.

What facilities do I need?

The facilities required to perform ADSC SYSTEM® treatments are at least an outpatient minor surgery operating room. In the operating room, the entire process and intervention must be carried out, that is, the autologous collection of the adipose tissue sample, the subsequent processing and collection of the SVF and, finally, the infiltration or application of the SVF by the appropriate medical professionals.