XXI Century Medicine
Lyposmol is a Biotechnology company based on the R & D & I of new technologies applied in the field of MEDICINE, thanks to the complementary knowledge of the professionals that founded the company, there are multiple research sectors where Lyposmol is able to provide biotechnological solutions in innovative fields for the current and future medicine.
Based in Spain and with the support and collaboration of different Universities, Companies and Research Centers, Lyposmol offers new biotechnological tools within a wide range of medical specialties with the highest scientific rigor, for the medical professionals.

Lyposmol provides to these professionals an important biotechnological offering, with a special mention for Regenerative and Translational Medicine. We have a clear objective: equipping medical professionals with tools based in the most effective, safe and profitable biotechnology for a development of their daily functions and allowing them to offer the best current and future therapeutic treatments to their patients.

Medical Specialties

With a clear objective of equipping professionals of medicine and
physiotherapy with tools based on a more effective, safe and profitable
biotechnology, making it easier to propose the best current and future
therapeutic options to their patients.